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Old Grey Poet
by Glenda Higgins

When I close my eyes
I see a rainbow
From your eyes

When I shut my ears
I hear your song
White-washed with time

You sing alone
And think no one cares
Old gray poet

With the world of woe
On your tired shoulders
You know that trees

Bend to touch you
For luck
When you pass

Holding up the sky
With your tears
From a burden

Not yours
Dear gray poet
There's a rainbow

From your eyes
Watching from the night
Lonely traveler

The ravens curse
They know your pain
Black blamers shining

In the noonday sun
Not fitting in
To the bird world of fun

Unable to sing
Pretty morning songs
Symphonies of joy

To greet the sunchild
Waking from sleep

© copyright 2016 Glenda Higgins
All Rights Reserved















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